Illumination Surveys

Illumination surveys determine which Kelvin value LED light bulbs should be used and where, so as to ensure compliance.

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Environmental Regulations for Workplaces

Your workplace must be illuminated as per the task-specific minimum levels.

SMART Solutions

With our Smart Illumination Surveys, we assist organisations with compliance, and ensure employee comfort.

The challenge

Inadequate illumination contributes to incidents and accidents in the workplace. Poor lighting affects the quality of work, especially where precision is required. It also has an impact on production.

Poor lighting constitutes a health hazard when there is too much or too little lighting. This leads to eye strain and discomfort and burning as well as headaches.

What does the law say?

Regulation 3 of the Environmental Regulations for Workplaces states that a workplace must be illuminated as per the task-specific minimum levels, which are specified in the Regulations’ Schedule.

SANS 10114 pertains to the method to be used to measure light intensity.

Regulation 3 (3) further requires that:

Our SMART Solutions

LED light bulbs are different to incandescent light bulbs in terms of how they produce light.

It is not only the wattage that determines illumination, but also the Kelvin value that must be assessed when choosing an application. 

Different Kelvin values determines the application. The higher the Kelvin value, the higher the emission of white light that is produced.

Our SMART solution determines which Kelvin value LED light bulb should be used, and where it should be used, thus ensuring compliance and employee comfort.

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